What’s your fantasy?

When I was a kid, I loved fantasy novels. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Hickman and Weis’ Dragonlance, Jordan’s Conan the Barbarian and the like. There was something special about opening up a book filled with magic.

Today I still read fantasy sometimes. Who doesn’t want to be transported to a magical place with characters with unusual names, like Frodo and Daenerys? Who wouldn’t want to discover magical lands with homes built into the hillsides or interesting structures like a wall 700 ft tall and built from ice? And who doesn’t feel for a simple people, perhaps farmers, when their homeland is invaded by an evil army? Maybe the main character can be the caretaker of a magical ring and…waitaminute…

I’m writing a story about a man who is transported to a fictional town called Hoopstad  with the use of a mystical war medal. He’s surrounded by polders and windmills. He’s on a farm, with people named Pim and Joop, surrounded by Nazis. Geez…am I writing a fantasy novel?!? I suppose it’s all just a matter of perspective. And here I thought my biggest fantasy was in the bedroom just finishing the darn thing!

Here’s the links to The Medal and The New Millennials.

Have a great week and happy reading



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