Running the Gauntlet: casting call. 

I had a lot of fun last week when I did the casting call for The Medal and thought I’d carry it over this week with Running The Gauntlet. Most of the young actors I’m not familiar with but look close to the image of what I had in my mind’s eye as I wrote them. Let me know if it jives with what you pictured.   
Colton Haynes as Brock Blevins. Colton wasn’t my first choice for Brock. He’s a little long in the tooth but my daughter thinks he’s right and who am I to argue. You may recognize him as Roy Harper in Arrow or Jackson from Teen Wolf. 

Karidja Toure as Victoria Williams is a French actress known for Girlhood but I think she perfectly embodies Victoria. She has the grace and confidence that is so crucial to Victoria. 
Joey King as Kat “Wiggles” Wigglesworth. This young up and comer is perfect for Wiggles. I know her from White House Down and Fargo and I think she can capture the quirky, techy Wiggles. 

Tony revolori  as Manny Pacheco. People will recognize Tony as Zero from The Grand Budapest Hotel and will know that he can portray the melancholic Manny without having him completely lost in sorrow. 

Charice pempencgo as Elisabeth Salonga. I confess I’d never heard of Charice, but damn if she doesn’t look exactly like Elisabeth!

Nick Robinson as Carter Drake. I recognized Nick from Jurassic World and Boardwalk Empire and it’s like looking at a photo of Carter. 

Damien Lewis as Mr. loggia. I heart Damien Lewis if only for Band of Brothers! We also saw his dark side in Homeland and I am sure he can capture the enigmatic Mr Loggia with just the right amount of polished malice needed for the character. 

Daniel Craig as Sinclair. As great as Dan, (can I really call him Dan?!?) is as Bond, James Bond, I think he’d be great as the uncultured, rough Sinclair. 

Patrick Sinclair as Dr. Pauer. Patrick probably needs no introduction. Who didn’t love his turn as Leodegrance in Excalibur? Has he done anything else since? Anyway, dress him up in a Kim Jong-Un style military uniform and suddenly he’s Dr Pauer!

Olivia Munn as Miss French. I loved her in The Network. She’s due to play Psylocke in the next X-Men movie, so Miss French would be a breeze. 

      Well, that’s it for this week. I hope the visuals help while you’re reading Running The Gauntlet. Maybe pass the link to any teens or tweens, and let me know what they thought. That is the target audience, after all. 

     As always links to the new chapters are posted.  Find Running the Gauntlet and The Medal here. Until next week, happy reading!



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