Casting Call!

      I’m sure I’m  not the only writer who dreams of what his cast will look like on the big screen. Yeah I know, talk about putting the cart before the horse. I haven’t even finished writing the darn thing yet! Still, it’s a guilty pleasure and not without its merits. At the least, you’ll get a visual description of your character in your head that you can use as a quick reference point when writing. I should stress very strongly that you keep notes too, and refer to them often to maintain consistency in your story. Also when writing your story, NEVER use your celebrity description within the story. For example, in The Medal I wouldn’t write;

 Alex saw Genie from a distance and was taken aback by her beauty. He’d forgotten how much she looked like Geena Davis. 

      Your celebrity descriptons are meant only for you as the writer. To include it in your narrative is a cheat and really cheapens the experience for your reader. 

     Anyway, here is my blockbuster cast for The Medal when it’s finally made into a Hollywood film.  😉


Tom Hanks as Alex Allenby. What can I say? I only want the best and Tom (that’s right, we’re on a first name basis) has that every man quality needed for Alex. 

 Hal Holbrook as Brennan Allenby. Admittedly, Brennan has a small part, but it’s vital to the whole story. Hal just looks gentle and vulnerable and perfectly captures Brennan. 

 Cherry Jones as Emily. I loved Cherry on 24 as President Taylor. She’s tough, decisive, and in charge, just like Emily!

Grant Gustin as Lorne Allenby. Fans of The Flash will recognize Grant. Lorne is probably the most likeable character we’ve seen thus far, and Grant’s Barry Allen shares that quality. 

Liam Hemsworth as Jeff. Jeff is a hottie hot hottie. I hear that Liam is also easy on the eyes.  ‘Nuff said!

Geena Davis as Eugenie Allenby. Genie is beautiful, classy, and way out of Alex’s league. Geena fits the bill perfectly. 

  Kevin Pollack as Clive. I love Kevin pollack! He’s a great character actor who makes movies better just being in it. Plus, he has the chops to play the thoroughly unlikeable, conniving, and selfish Clive. 

Well that’s it for part 1 casting. There will be all new characters to introduce in part 2. (Spoiler alert!). 

As always, new chapters of The Medal and Running the Gauntlet are up. Read and vote. Tell your friends too! See y’all next week!



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