Put another dime in the jukepop, baby!

I’m Back! I’m sure you may have noticed that I haven’t posted a new blog post for awhile, 6 weeks to be precise. I haven’t lost interest or motivation in this endeavour. In fact, I’ve been writing since my self-imposed hiatus. I have several more chapters in the can and will now continue with updating weekly.

The reason for my break? It’s actually more to do with reaching my target audience, namely people who are interested in reading serial fiction. Serial fiction isn’t for everybody. I like to curl up with a good book, frantically turning pages to discover what happens next while simultaneously dreading finishing it and saying goodbye to characters that I’ve come to really like. You don’t get that with serial fiction, at least not if you are reading it as it updates. It’s hard to pick up a story a week later and trying to pick up where it left off or to feel any connection to the characters. That’s just an inherent downside to the format, and there’s not much I can do about it.

However, I have now been accepted by jukepop, a website that specializes in serial fiction. They have a built-in following, support from other writers, an interactive community, and publishing tools. Mostly, it gives me the chance to reach more people, and ultimately, that’s what I want.

Like a crazy person, I’ve also used the time to start writing another piece of serial fiction. This one is called Running the Gauntlet, it’s about 6 teens who answer a casting call to appear on a reality television show only to find that their lives are at stake as they are experimented on and forced to run a deadly obstacle course. It’s a YA story, geared for the same readers who enjoy the Hunger Games or Maze Runner. I initially started writing it for my daughter Emerson, but I’m having fun with it. I’m trying to keep the chapters smaller while playing with some familiar tropes, mainly comic book and pulp fiction themes.

Going forward, I will still update my blog weekly, providing a link to The Medal, and Running the Gauntlet and you can follow along there. You will have to sign up (I know. I’m sorry) and I’d totes appreciate if you voted for me. I’ll need you to vote each chapter of both books and every chapter going forward. Easy peasy, right?

 You can also find other stories to read, and there are some real good ones! I will keep writing about my insights and the processes as I experience them. I hope you keep reading.

See you next week




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